Peter Rabbit arrives at a second theme park in the United Kingdom

Responsible for Winam Group Oy’s theme park business, Winam Creative has brought the Peter Rabbit Adventure attraction to Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo in Yorkshire. The adventure attraction covers an area of around a thousand square metres (~10,764 square feet) and it was manufactured and installed in about three months. The attraction was opened to the public at the end of July. This is the second Peter Rabbit attraction delivered by Winam to the United Kingdom.

The classic stories of Beatrix Potter are extremely popular in the UK. Completed in July, the Peter Rabbit attraction complements the Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo and facilitates year-round activity for the resort. Earlier, the theme park was only open during the summer months, with the zoo also open in the winter.

Here in the Peter Rabbit’s adventure, Mr Tod’s Lair is one of the main attractions. The children’s task is to find the vegetables stolen by Mr Tod the fox and to flee along a secret trail. Naturally, Peter Rabbit and friends as well as the other popular characters from the tale were the focus for designing the theme park. In addition to Mr Tod’s Lair, other familiar elements from the tale were designed for the park. The wooden boat on Jeremy Fisher’s Pond was made and hand-painted at Lappset’s Rovaniemi plant. The tractor was also handmade by the factory workers in Rovaniemi to provide pleasure for the young visitors.

All the play equipment and functions have been planned and designed based on the familiar elements of the popular tale, with the aim of encouraging children to explore the surroundings, dare to take part in adventurous and educational forms of play, just as the tale’s characters do. Winam has ensured that all playground equipment, wooden huts and other details in the adventure park conform to requirements stipulated by European Union safety standards, as with all other playground and activity park entireties it supplies.

An illustration of the Peter Rabbit adventure park installed at the Flamingo Land Resort. The entirety covers approximately a thousand square metres (~10,764 square feet), and sees the introduction of e.g. Mr Tod’s Lair. Winam Creative designed the adventure park and was also responsible for its installation.

“The idea behind the adventure park is to inspire the imagination of children, encourage curiosity and aha! experiences, and doing things together. Designing, making and installing this entirety has been a very pleasant task for Winam”, Johan Granholm adds.

Winam was responsible for the design and implementation of Flamingo Land’s Peter Rabbit attraction, while the client took care of ground work and structures. The making of the playground equipment and other products for the park started at Winam plant in Rovaniemi in mid-April, and the park was up and running in the UK in mid-July.

This tractor, and indeed nearly all the other elements designed for the Peter Rabbit adventure park were handmade by skilled workers at Lappset’s Rovaniemi plant. The designs were made by the theme park attraction enterprise Winam Creative. The entirety was completed and installed in just over three months. 

The entirety was implemented in cooperation with Silvergate Media that is responsible for the television rights and licensing for Peter Rabbit, and Penguin Ventures that holds the intellectual property rights for the character.

The world’s first adventure park to be based on Beatrix Potter’s Peter Rabbit character was made by Winam in spring 2016 for the Willows Activity Farm, located just an hour’s drive from London.


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