Tiger Park and Farm opened at Ranua Wildlife Park in Finnish Lapland

Ranua Wildlife Park is one of the northernmost wildlife parks in Europe hosting 50 animal species of the northern latitudes like polar bears, brown bears, foxes, wolves, elks and other arctic animals. Their newest family attraction, the Tiger Park and the Farm, opened on 15 June 2020, designed, furnished and installed by Winam.

The Tiger Park forms an astonishing play area of ca 1.000 square metres with twin Flora Towers rising up to almost ten metres, furnished with two natural-sized tiger characters. The Farm offers play opportunities to toddlers in traditional Finnish farm style. Lappset designed the play area in close cooperation with the client, furnished with the playground equipment and took care of the installations.

Enna Paavola, CEO of Ranua Wildlife Park;

“We are extremely satisfied with the construction of the completely refurbished play area. The construction work took its time because of extreme snow conditions of the past winter and the coronavirus restrictions. The play park blends in the surrounding nature of Finnish pine forest just perfectly, forming an essential part of the entity.”

Safe play together with parents

Safety of the new playground is of utmost importance to the Wildlife Park. All playground equipment have been designed, manufactured and installed in accordance with the European Union’s safety standard for play areas (EN 1176), as all products provided by Lappset. The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (TUKES) inspected all constructions prior to opening to secure an extra perspective to safety. Ranua Zoo has also hired a special person, a safety guard, to look after the safety of playing children and to supervise that the recommendations and restrictions of the coronavirus situation provided by the Finnish Government are being followed
”It is also essential that the parents are on site whilst their children are playing at the Tiger Park or in the Farm area.”

Flora range blends in with nature

The Tiger Park is located in the middle of a pine forest, which is why the Flora range blends in perfectly with the surrounding. The play area comprises an area of almost one thousand square metres. The high Flora Towers rise up to 9.6 metres giving an extraordinary play experience to visitors and providing an outstanding view over the playground.

The tiger theme was chosen by the client.

The twin Flora Towers host the tiger nests offering exciting encounters with two full-sized tiger characters. The balance beams make balance and coordination exercises look easy.

The Farm is reserved for toddlers with its farmhouse, tractor and relaxation spaces.

”The Tiger Park and the Farm offer definitely outstanding play experiences during this summer to all our visitors, especially to families with children.”

Designers Toni Keskitalo and Tero Puotiniemi of Lappset’s MyDesign service have provided the design of the entire area in close cooperation with the client, Ranua Wildlife Park and Ranua Zoo. Lappset’s PlayCare services took care of the installation of the equipment.

Ranua Wildlife Park is one of the northernmost parks in Europe

Ranua Wildlife Park, established 1983, specialises in arctic and northern animal species. The spacious animal fencings are located in the midst of northern conifer forests, the natural habitat of most of the animals. We are open every day of the year. The changing seasons give an additional dimension to our Wildlife Park visit.
The Ranua Wildlife Park is a member of the EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION OF ZOOS AND AQUARIA (EAZA). The EAZA gives guiding and recommendations for Wildlife Park operations, coordinating also the reproduction programs of endangered species as well as the protection campaigns.

The Park attracts over 130.000 visitors per year. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions for families in Finnish Lapland offering also accommodation, camping services, wildlife safaris, shops, a coffee house White Swan and a restaurant.


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