Winam Rovaniemi plant passes external audit with excellent feedback

Inspecta Certification audited the quality and environmental management systems and the PEFC wood chain of custody management process of Lappset Group Oy in April 2020. The findings in the external audit report concerning the Rovaniemi plant and its operating environment were outstanding, with no discrepancies observed in relation to system requirements. Matters related to handling of the coronavirus situation were praised in the report.

The external audition focused on leadership, marketing, production, environmental issues and sourcing of wooden raw material. As a result, Lappset passed the audition with excellent feedback. Inspecta Certification recommends the related certificates to be reissued.

  • The certificates audited are as follows;
  • Quality management system: ISO 9001:2015
  • Environmental management system: ISO 14001:2015
  • PEFC Chain of Custody: PEFC ST 2002:2013, PEFC ST 2001:2008 v2.

Well prepared for the coronavirus pandemic

The audition report contains several positive remarks.

  • Effects of the coronavirus have been forecasted well, and the task force created for the preparations has achieved very good results in the preventive actions taken.
  • Special thanks are given to the Group Procurement team for its proactive work and for its numerous auditions of suppliers.
  • The quality of deliveries has increased resulting in decreasing number of claims. The follow-up of reclamations is systematic and actions are being taken based on received claims.
  • The company’s investments in digitalization are being noted in the report.
  • The needs of external and internal customers are met in an excellent way. The external delivery accuracy is on an exceptionally good level.
  • Internal audits have been taken care of and they have resulted in several development ideas which are also followed-up.


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